Brídhaven tries to operate in as open and transparent a manner as possible and we acknowledge that people should and do make complaints from time to time. Fernando Tauler, is our Complaints Officer and is the person to whom complaints should be addressed in the first instance.

All complainants will be treated with respect, their complaints will be investigated fully and an appropriate response will be given. The services of the Residents Advocate Mrs Helen Mackessey are also provided at Brídhaven and Helen’s contact details are available at Reception.

Full details of our complaints procedure are contained in our Residents’ Guide and are also displayed prominently throughout the nursing home.

Complaints contact:

Complaints Procedures and the Ombudsman

If you have complained to us and you are not satisfied with our decision on your complaint it is open to you to contact the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman provides an impartial, independent and free service. By law the Ombudsman can examine complaints about any of our administrative actions or procedures as well as delays or inaction in our dealings with you. The Ombudsman’s remit relates to complaints about actions which occur on or after the 24th of August 2015. The Ombudsman cannot examine complaints about actions which occurred before that date with the exception of complaints from residents eligible to complain under “Your Service Your Say” (Residents whose place is provided under a contract with the HSE)

Contact details are as follows:

18 Lower Leeson Street,
Dublin 2.

Phone: LoCall 1890 22 30 30 or (01) 639 5600

You can also make a complaint online using the online complaint form

Feedback & Information for Nursing Home

Our Residents Committee has been in place since 2008. It has had a significant impact on the lives of those who live in the nursing home. It creates a forum in which residents can discuss their needs, suggest ideas for activities and comment on the programme of events and make their own recommendations. The names of the residents on the committee are displayed on the notice board in the main reception of the Nursing Home.

Feedback is essential to us. Please feel free to write to either the residents committee or ourselves with any comments that you may have. A suggestion box is located in the reception area and we would be delighted to receive any feedback or suggestions that you may have. Alternatively you may email our Activities Team at