Covid-19 Update

20 November 2020

Dear Resident / Relative / Friend,

As we reach mid-way through lockdown, we wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and give you an update that all is well here in Brídhaven. Staff continue to be swabbed for COVID-19 every two weeks. Our last swabbing was Monday 16 November and so far the results from this swabbing are that no staff member has tested positive for the virus.

We are also delighted to inform you that to date no resident in Brídhaven has had COVID-19 at any point.

This really is a great achievement however it is not time for any of us to become complacent. Please continue to be vigilant, follow public health advice, abide by lockdown rules and most importantly, be safe.

We welcome any suggestions or recommendations that you may have that could improve how we do things. Feel free to contact our Clinical Nurse Managers who will be happy to take these on board.

As always, thank you for your support and understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Deirdre Vaughan (Person in Charge)

Henry Burrows (CEO)

Paul Rochford (Registered Provider Representative)


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