Covid-19 Update

4th May 2021

Dear Resident / Relative / Friend,

As you are aware the HPSC has recently issued new guidance on visitation to long term care facilities, including nursing homes.

Consequently, we are delighted to inform you that as of tomorrow, 5th May, each family will be facilitated for four visits per week. The length of the visits will be extended to one hour for each visit.

Please remember that COVID-19 is still amongst the community and therefore we must remain vigilant. In this regard:

  1. Visitors must be aware of the risk associated with their visit to themselves and others.
  2. Visits must be pre-booked as before with Reception. Visiting will take place between 11:00-19:00 every day with exception of mealtimes.
  3. A visitor risk assessment will be carried out by telephone prior to the visit. If this is not possible it will be carried out on site prior to the visit.
  4. A resident’s right to decline a visitor will be respected. Brídhaven will involve residents in decision making and communicate clearly with each resident and their relevant others regarding our visiting policy, including any restrictions. This will be recorded in their visiting plan.
  5. Visits by a child may be facilitated if the child is accompanied by an adult, who takes responsibility for ensuring appropriate conduct and the child is able to comply with general requirements for visiting.
  6. Refreshments are not allowed during the visit. Visitors must bring their own water for their own personal use.
  7. There are no restrictions on food or gift items given directly to the resident.
  8. The temperature of all visitors will be taken before entering visiting area. Visitors with a temperature >37.5 will not be permitted to enter.
  9. All visitors must wear a face mask.
  10. All visitors must sanitize their hands prior to the visit and after the visit.
  11. All visitors must adhere to social distancing guidelines. Visitors should not interact socially with other visitors or with residents other than the person they have come to visit.
  12. The visitor is advised to stay in the resident’s room and not to come on to the corridor. They are shown the call bell and advised to use it if the need any attention. The visitor is also advised they must ring the bell when they want to leave, and a member of the care staff will accompany them to the door.
  1. If a visitor requires the toilet facilities, they must go to Reception and use the visitor’s toilet there.
  2. Visitors who do not comply with the guidance may be asked to leave and may subsequently be declined access if there is a pattern of non-adherence.

As always, thank you for your support and patience.

Best regards,

Deirdre Vaughan, Person in Charge

Henry Burrows, CEO

Paul Rochford, Registered Provider Representative


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