“My mother is a resident here in the nursing home and we, as a family could not ask for more. She is very well cared for and is very happy. The staff and management are top class and very approachable. We would recommend Bridhaven Nursing Home to anyone.” Mary

“I love it here in the Nursing Home. I will stay here for the remainder of my days and I am happy to do so. The staff are lovely and make me feel so at home and welcome. Its the nicest place i ever walked into” Hugh

“This nursing home is like a second home to me. I have made some great friends since I came here and also met someone else here I used to go to school with. Its a small world. Lovely people and lovely place, what more could I want.” Andrew

“I came to the nursing home from cork. Since I came here, I have been out a few times, have seen a show, been out to Doneraile Park, pottery classes and many more things. There’s always something going on here, its great fun!” Sheila

“I love it here, when I came to stay I was very nervous, that didn’t last long. The staff and management are so kind and caring. It is a one of a kind Nursing Home” Mary S

“I love all the activity around the nursing home. I am always asked to join in. I love the pony & dogs that visit here. There’s always something going on.” Christine

“I love to see Finbarr Winters coming. He’s very nice & entertains us well here in the Nursing Home.”E.C.
“I feel happy & secure. I can come and go as I please. My family and partner can visit me anytime and that makes me happy. There’s always something to do if I feel like it” Breda

“Bridhaven gave me hope when I arrived here. Everyone in the nursing home made me feel very welcome. The people who work here are very gentle and very caring.” Eugene